I was born on Valentine’s Day during one of the biggest snowstorms in Tennessee history, according to my mother. My parents couldn’t agree whether I was born in the morning or at night. Back then, they put the expectant mothers to sleep for the delivery, so the confusion is understandable.

Heart-shaped Cyclamen Leaf

From Nature with Love, Heart-shaped Cyclamen Leaf

Valentine’s Day has always been a special day for me, because it’s easy for friends and family to remember your birthday! (One of the great things about Facebook, the happy birthday wishes are pouring in!) The downside is you don’t get a separate special day of gifts of chocolate and flowers. It all comes on one day.

I haven’t had much time for blogging of late, but I will be getting back to regular posts soon. My focus has been to set up a custom blog which will allow for advertising, and will feature the Late Bloomer Show videos. That is not possible with this theme, so I am working on a new one, and also an e-book, “Late Bloomer’s Ten Steps to a Great First Garden,” which has been a lot of fun!

Season 1 of “Late Bloomer” finished up with corn, tomatoes and watermelon, episodes 18, 19, and 20, my three favorite things to eat being from the South, and Season 2 is off to a great start covering my winter garden. I have added a wonderful composer, Jon Pileggi, to my creative team. This is the first time I will have music scored to picture, which is VERY exciting! I will be able to look forward to original music composed for each episode. Please check out the music he created for Planting the Winter Garden.

I am thrilled that my original creative team, Megan, Mika and Chriss, are still with me and our relationship is fantastic! We work remotely, over the internet, and have only been together twice. Here we are last week at a screening of a short film I have the lead in, “A Final Gift.”

There will be episodes about my Monarch experience coming, as well as interviews with other people growing urban gardens. I hope you will follow and subscribe to “Late Bloomer,” and help it grow. It’s never too late to learn to grow vegetables! I am living proof!

And if you are on Facebook, Late Bloomer Show is a very active and interactive page. Please Like and add to your special interests and share YOUR garden news and photos there. I want to build a community of late bloomers growing their own food! Late Bloomer Show is also on Instagram! For nature garden lovers, this is so much fun! Please check it out and share!

Heart-shaped Cup Fungi

Heart-shaped Cup Fungi – Share the Love

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 🙂 – Kaye