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The Creston Nugget


Dear Friends and Family,

This is a bittersweet letter to write, but life is all about change, and after my childhood as an “Army Brat” I have learned not to be afraid of change.

After a lot of thought and consideration, Simon and I have decided to pursue purchasing a larger property here in the Central Coast area.  Last week we made an offer on a property that we have had our eye on for over a year.  We found out yesterday that our offer was accepted, which is very exciting news.

The bittersweet part is that we will need to sell our Ohana Vineyard property in order to purchase the larger parcel.  Simon and I purchased Ohana as ten acres of bare ground in 1999 with the help of my Mom and Dad, Karen and Bob Shirey (the down payment was our wedding gift from my parents).  We planted…

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