There’s nothing I get a bigger kick out of than watching a sprout push out of the earth from a seed I have planted. These seedlings come from seeds I planted within a week of one another. In Southern California, gardeners do not get a break! We can, and must, if you are obsessed as I am now, plant year-round.


Snow Pea – Oregon Sugar Pod II


Moss Curled Parsley Heirloom


Gourmet Blend Beet Heirloom


Broccoli Raab Rapini Heirloom


Baby Finger Carrot Heirloom


Copenhagen Market Green Cabbage Heirloom


Italian Dark Leaf Parsley Heirloom

Stay tuned for Part 2! Are seeds are from Botanical Interests. The snow peas are a hybrid, bred for resisting mildew, which I have a huge problem with here by the coast. Thanks for stopping by. Please check back on my progress! – Kaye