My baby watermelon plants are confused. Do they not know it’s nearly Halloween? I think they think they are pumpkins!


Baby Watermelon Growing in Late October

I photographed four baby watermelons, on separate vines this morning at 8AM.


Two Baby Watermelons

After a long summer of low production, my neighbor, C.L., remarked he thought I should be watering more. Because I hand-water everything, I get tired of standing over my watermelons with the hose, and the water was staying near the surface and not penetrating through my hard clay soil to the roots. When I started leaving the hose dripping over each vine overnight once or twice a week, the plants started coming alive and I have numerous blooms and more little melons.


Yellow Watermelon Blossom


Sweet Baby Watermelon

The infamous Santa Ana winds are blowing and did a number on my newly planted Asclepias speciosa milkweed last night. But, the baby watermelons are snug to the ground so it will be interesting to see how these develop and how long it goes. I vow not to pull up my vines as long as there is a melon growing on it!

Thanks for stopping by! Are you still nursing summer crops or is that all finished for this year in your garden? – Kaye