Yesterday, I stopped into the Waldorf school, where one of my sons spent five years, to say hello to Farmer Jack, who was giving a biodynamic demonstration for the children. You will remember Farmer Jack from episode 7 of Late Bloomer. I hadn’t seen him in a while. The children were taking turns stirring water with compost in a big bucket, creating a vortex, then, stopping the vortex, creating chaos, and back to stirring the vortex again.

I said to Jack that I had a burning question for him. “I have thirty green tomatoes on my vines. What should I do?” I asked. “It’s finished! Finished!” he exclaimed. “People want to hang on to their squash. It’s done!”

Brandywine Tomatoes

Brandywine Tomatoes, Late in Season

The summer vegetables have done their job and it’s time to move on. Hmmmm. I still have a few Patty Pan squash on my vine, and a handful of tomatoes will ripen every few days. This is yesterday’s harvest.

Yesterday's Harvest by Kaye Kittrell

Yesterday’s Harvest

And I have five beautiful green peppers starting to turn orange.

Ripening Orange Bell Pepper

Ripening Orange Sun Bell Pepper

And a couple of Japanese peppers from my five seedlings started late summer.

Immature Japanese Pepper

Immature Japanese Pepper

But, the weather has shifted. The air turned cooler almost like clockwork on October 1. The days are shorter, and the sun is dropping lower, which means less sun on the tomato vines. So, it’s just a question of time. But, doesn’t time have everything to do with gardening?

Celery Plants

Celery Plants

My cool season celery, planted in the parkway September 8, is doing great, as are my tubs of carrots.

Carrots growing in a Barrel

Carrots Growing in Barrels

The main focus the last few days, though, has been caring for my Monarch caterpillars (I could only find three today) and admiring the butterflies that grace my garden. I need to find the time to plant some more cool season vegetables and make the mental shift away from my tomatoes and cucurbits. There’s that word “time” again! Thanks for finding the time to stop by Late Bloomer! – Kaye