My so-called “everbearing” lemon tree, has not born a ripe lemon since last November. It had quite a lot of blooms in the spring, but, it’s September, and, though carrying two dozen lemons, the leaves don’t look so well. I recently gave it more iron, organic plant food, alfalfa meal, worm castings and biodynamic compost, and dropped daily watering to twice per week deep watering. I’m hoping that helps. I could have been watering too much. There’s a long sucker branch that’s grown out of it this year. Are you supposed to cut those off?


There is one bloom on it now. I’m not sure what to make of that. One of the green lemons is starting to turn yellow, but it’s got a ways to go.

I should have not taken on so many different fruits and vegetables for my first garden, since I didn’t know anything about gardening. But, I did, so any advice is welcome! Thanks for stopping by! – Kaye