Well, it’s been a lot longer than the 73 days marked on the seedlings tag to get ripe watermelons, in fact, only five have been removed from the vines, either by me, or two by a thief. It began to look like my watermelon exercise was a bust. Alas, my neighbor, C.L., observed that I might not be watering enough. So, for the last week, I’ve watered every day whether the ground was wet or dry. Today, I counted more than a dozen new blooms! Blooms are only about an inch in diameter.

There were three melons growing together on this one vine.

Remember the odd-shaped one from the earlier post, “Watermelon, Watering & Bugs?” This is how it looks today. It’s filling out!

I removed some of the vines that I had stepped on one too many times, and with the additional watering, and continuing hot, sunny weather, I may have a few good melons to savor after all! Thanks for reading! – Kaye