My neighbor, Dennis, told me that if you fail Radishes 101, you might not be cut out for gardening, presumably because radishes are so easy to grow. This is an update to an earlier post “About the Radishes….”

Today, since the barrel was choked with tall radish leaves, and since it’s been enough time that I should actually have radishes under those leaves, and because my neighbor, Zdena, who saw it recently said they were too crowded to grow radishes down there, I decided I’d better thin them out. But, since it didn’t seem like there were any radishes growing, I pulled them all out.

This was the motley crue that bared a resemblance to a radish. A couple of these might have been edible.

Once again, the root has a split in it, instead of actually making a radish. I wish I knew what this means.

If you read the earlier post, I had the bright idea to plant carrot seed together with radish seed. 😦 Don’t do this, because radishes germinate five times faster than carrots. But, the carrot sprouts had nothing developing down under.

I decided to leave them for awhile and what happens. It was carrots I was after in the first place. Thanks for reading! – Kaye