Taking a look around this morning, I notice a few things. My first orange pepper is almost orange! Look closely and you will see the water spots from my hand-watering with a hose. I’ve got to get soaker hoses set up one of these days.

My butterfly bush is loaded with seed pods ready to burst with a million cottony seeds. What am I supposed to do with this thing? I only have room for the one plant right now.

I found this mystery volunteer in my strawberry patch (which isn’t doing so well). Know what it could be?

I think it’s pretty clear this cucumber plant has succumbed to disease or is this just insect damage on the base of the stems?

Leaves of this plant near the base look like this. I removed these two.

This goes to show you how durable Ruby Red Cabbage can be. This was my seventh of eight cabbages harvested in June. I was lazy and didn’t take out the rootball when I cut off the cabbage. It started to grow leaves and I left it alone.

Two weeks ago, I decided it was in the way where it was and I dug it up and moved it. It looked limp for a couple of days, but I kept watering it. This morning, it looks like it’s forming a cabbage in the center! If you haven’t seen my purple cabbage episode of “Late Bloomer,” please watch! Now, if I can just keep the slugs off of it! Thanks for dropping by. Advice welcome! – Kaye