I just returned from a few days in New England, and these are some of the things I found in my garden upon arrival. My first bloom of my Mexican Sunflowers. The packet says 6-8′ tall, however mine all look like they’ll be lucky to reach two feet. Wow, do they pack some color!

Lots of Red Cherry Tomatoes ripening.

Four black (supposed to be purple) small peppers, two of which are rather shriveled.

More tomatoes. Two neighbors dropping by got some before this shot. I also had to toss a dozen with blossom end rot.

And three cucumbers. I’ll only know if these are bitter when I bite into them tonight, but for now, I’ll pretend they are as sweet as they look. 🙂

Lots of other stuff going on in my small garden. Just the usual tending took four hours. Loved every minute. Thanks for visiting! – Kaye