I seeded this Royal Burgundy Bean inside in the middle of June.

Along with this Japanese Melon seedling. Out of 12 seedlings of various vegetables planted, only three were viable, and a Japanese Parsley croaked outside.

I hardened these seedling outside on the front porch with part sun, part shade, for a couple of weeks.

Then I planted them, did everything right. I planted them in the bright sun (figuring we only have about a month left of long sunny days and they’d need every day), still in the cups, which are supposed to biodegrade. After one week, the bean looks like this.

It added a couple of leaves right away, then, the original leaves fell off, and the rest are yellow and withering. I am watering every day. So, it’s either too much water, or too strong of sun. It’s been very hot and sunny for here, so it was quite an adjustment going out there, or maybe I’m just overwatering? The melon is faring better.

The same melon species, but, a month older.

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