One of the great privileges of growing your own corn, is, when it’s ripe and you’re hungry, you can peel n’ eat. My grandmothers always had fresh corn, but I never ate corn raw till I was in my 30’s.

I know this ear is a bit small and homely, but it tasted great! Only took a minute to polish it off.

This stubby one, however, was too far gone, and pasty. After a couple of bites, I tossed it.

Since everyone passing by they told me they had trouble growing corn here, I was thrilled when I got ANY kind of ear with kernels on it. Many ears had a couple of kernels or none at all. And I shook the tassels every day. Next year, I will know better how to grow it, thanks to all the great advice I’ve gotten. Look for my corn episode of “Late Bloomer” in a few weeks! Thanks for stopping by! – Kaye