Kaye visits organic, sustainable Wild Farm in Woodside, California on a windy day in late June, 2012. Owners, and master gardeners, sisters Lisa and Kathleen Putnam give Kaye a fast-paced tour of their large, family farm. Please watch here, or high quality on YouTube.

“Maxine the Chicken,” set to motion by Late Bloomer motion graphics wizard, Mika Tanisaki, makes her first appearance at the end. Maxine lays a lot of eggs, but sometimes she gets a little distracted and loses track of an egg.

There’s no way to do justice to Wild Farm’s orchard, large gardens, chicken run, compost and bee operation in a short episode, and there were whole sections of the garden we didn’t get to, but what you see will inspire, as it did me!

Lisa said she hand-watered her garden for two years, and she recommends hand-watering especially for beginning gardeners, as you really connect with your garden that way. I am hand-watering, but my garden is tiny by comparison. She also said it’s not too late for late bloomers to be successful gardeners, and to think big, especially about your soil food web.

I also got to see one of the beneficial insects they attract with their insectiary, a hover fly, and Kathleen showed me a leaf full of live aphids,

and a leaf full of dead aphids that the beneficials had gotten to.

You’ll hear in the episode that July is the month for coastal climate gardeners (like me) to seed for fall crops, so I better get started! She also recommended a complete resource for coastal gardeners, Golden Gate Gardening by Pam Peirce, which I am happily reading. Thanks for watching, and please share! – Kaye