I had such trouble germinating carrots after the rain of March dried up, that I thought I would try seeding them in a deep pot. I bought a wooden tub with wheels, and direct-seeded it using the same technique as planting lettuce in a pot, except I sprinkled in radish seed as well. I thought the quick-germinating radishes would shelter the long-to-germinate carrots and I was right. I kept the soil moist and covered with a towel and out of the sun till I got sprouts. But, the radishes came in way too thick, so yesterday, with the utmost delicacy, thinned the radishes down to one per inch. This is what it looked like after.

This is a carrot sprout hiding in the radish sprouts.

This is how many radish sprouts I gently pulled out. My neighbor says you can’t replant these, but I did it once before and got a few good radishes.

This motley crew is from the first go-around. Would it be easier and less expensive to buy a bunch of perfect, organic radishes in the famers market?

Yeah, but, then I would have missed out on a very meditative hour last evening. This is after I planted them in the tiny radish and beet bed.

Fingers crossed! Thanks for reading! – Kaye