One stem and it’s leaves had shriveled and turned brown, and that’s when my neighbor, C.L., had told me it was time to dig for potatoes. This was my first find from my second batch of potatoes.

Then I found two more attached to the little strands that stretch down from the stem. It’s so exciting to find that you’ve actually grown potatoes!

I didn’t want to disturb those other tiny strands, each one leading to a growing potato, so I stopped there. This is the plant that I included in my “Memorial Day in the Garden” episode, when you just see the small sprouts breaking the surface. Just over two months ago, I planted one sweet potato and two white potatoes, and mounded them up twice. This is the plant that’s left.

The maple-shaped leaves (right) are the sweet potato, a very different shape from a regular potato leaf (left).

Potatoes are so easy to grow (I have been lucky to get through bug-free), that I should always have potatoes on the countertop growing eyes, so that I have a continuous supply of potatoes. Thanks for reading! – Kaye