Sophia and I planted this Cucurbita pepo Balmoral, or Patty Pan Squash, over Memorial Day weekend. Here’s the first harvested one.

The tag says 55-65 days to harvest. I took the first one off today at 51 days. You can see us planting the seedling near the end of Episode 10 of “Late Bloomer.”

The plant is now two feet tall and three feet wide, and loaded with blooms. Squash blooms always seem to have these little black flies on them.

Though squash requires full sun, the heat is making the big leaves go limp. I know it’s not from lack of water, because I found a mushroom growing underneath. (I cut back on the water after seeing this.)

I’ve taken to shading it in the afternoon. The leaves perk back up within an hour or two.

This plant is planted near a bean and corn plant, the Three Sisters. (More on the Three Sisters crop planting in another post.) It’s also right underneath my sunflowers, and with the parrots tearing the wilted blooms to bits getting after the seeds, there’s quite a mess on the squash leaves by the evening.

I’ll let you know how the squash tastes. Thanks for reading!  – Kaye