In tomorrow’s episode of “Late Bloomer,” I travel to gardens in Woodside, California for inspiration. First, the Woodside Public Library California Native Plant Garden.

This serene garden, planted in 1970 and renovated in 2007, and filled with 18 beds of 154 California natives, is a must-see for garden lovers traveling through beautiful Woodside, CA.

Check the library website for hours.

Just across the street is the Woodside Elementary School garden. One of my missions with “Late Bloomer” is to teach kids where food comes from, so a school garden like this was a real find. Parent involvement is everything, according to 2nd grade teacher Brian Myrtetus who oversees the garden.

Brian plans the plantings in the spring so that there are ripe vegetables when kids return to school in the fall.

Please watch “Late Bloomer – Woodside – Episode 14” tomorrow! – Thanks for reading! – Kaye