My neighbor across the street, C.L., has been reporting quite a show with the wild parrots passing through and making hay of my wilted sunflowers. I had been lopping off the deadheads, but when he told me that it was food for the parrots I left them on. I hadn’t seen them, however, till two days ago when I rushed out and three big, green birds were perched on the sunflowers bent over double nibbling the seeds. They scattered before I could get a good shot. But, I was just out photographing the aphid mess on one of my stands of corn, when they showed up.

These two were taking off by the time I changed to my long lens.

They landed in the tall tree next door, one on top.

They looked around for a couple of seconds, then swooped over a neighbor’s yard and down the street.

Local legend has it that a couple decades ago, at least, a pet store burned in Santa Monica and a half dozen parrots escaped. They became wild, again, added to their numbers and now there are about 30 of them that pass through from time to time, making quite a noise. I can hear them in the distance.

Meanwhile, a California Towhee had earthlier concerns in my flower island.

And I grabbed these two shots while I was sitting waiting to see if the parrots would return.

For sheer beauty, Amaranth does not disappoint. And look what is emerging in my baby watermelon bed.

 Thanks for reading! – Kaye