Okay, I’m learning. I think it was Anna at oceannah.wordpress.com that said pick early and often to encourage more growth, so I discovered the larger of these two cucumbers today, and the other one I had been watching, and I picked them. I think they are supposed to get quite a bit larger, but I didn’t want to take the chance something would happen to them. They are still very prickly.

Meanwhile, I knew these two zucchini were getting out of control, but I didn’t see any point in cutting them off till I was ready to consume them.

This bigger one must have weighed two pounds, and was 12″ long.

It went through my Green Star 1000 twin gear juicer today. I made three quarts of green juice from celery, zucchini, carrots and parsley (and a little raw honey blended in). The parsley was also from my garden.

I’ve been making this juice since 2000 and drink 8 oz. most mornings when I get up. Thanks for reading! – Kaye