Please watch me struggle to grow flowers on the 6.5′ x 14′ strip of parkway between the street and the sidewalk in “My Flower Island – Episode 12” of “Late Bloomer.” Buckwheat saved the day.

For anyone curious about how we are making “Late Bloomer,” this episode was shot over the course of two months. You have no idea how difficult it is to get a few lines recorded with non-stop air traffic (from 7:30AM till 7:30PM on sunny days), occasional street traffic, neighbors dropping by (always a good thing – many neighbors have appeared in my episodes), construction noise, gardeners, and the occasional ring of the telephone. That’s urban gardening for you!

The beginning of the episode was shot on an April weekday afternoon soon after I started filming “Late Bloomer,” and I was chasing a sliver of reflected light trying to record all the dialogue. But, by June, I had settled into shooting me talking to camera only on Sunday mornings before 8AM, and it’s often June Gloom till noon, which means, no sun, and it’s quiet. Guess what, you need quiet to record dialogue! Who knew?

After I collect all relevant footage and photos to an episode, I create a script and send it to my cheerful, talented and efficient editors, and motion graphics artist, which you can read about from the Late Bloomer Team tab, above.

Before the day is out, I will be posting information about Los Angeles Horticulturist Hugh Evans, mentioned in this episode. Be sure to check back to learn about this influential Californian. But, right now, I must go water my garden!

Today, the flower island looks like this. Buckwheat cut and melting into the soil, enriching it for the next crop, which will likely be peas and oats. You can barely discern the burgundy row of Amaranth which was stunted by the fast-growing buckwheat. Now, the Amaranth will take off, and hopefully reach a height of eight feet!

Thanks for watching and reading! – Kaye