If you enjoy photography, and gardening, life can be endlessly interesting. A plant you photograph one day may look different the next. There’s always something to photograph. This came up suddenly overnight. Powdery mildew? But, it’s on backs and fronts of leaves, so I’m not sure. I trimmed off the affected leaves.

We ate this grand cabbage last night. I was too tired to make slaw, so I steamed it.

I started with eight, now I’m down to two. This is the next to last one. I better get some more started!

I’ve had a lot of trouble getting berries. I covered some plants with netting. Here’s the only ripe one this morning.

I have let my purple basil seed tops grow. I couldn’t bear to pinch off anything so pretty.

My sunflowers are particularly glorious this sunny morning.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful day! – Kaye