I was gone for about 36 hours to San Mateo County, CA, but since I got back late last night, that translates to two garden days. It’s amazing what can happen in such a short time in the garden. A couple of my starters popped. There had been no sign Sunday morning before I left.

This purple bean is a very strange looking sprout. Looks like a white worm, but when I touched it, it didn’t move.

This is either a Japanese melon or cucumber. I somehow labeled the stick with both names.

This succulent’s blooms are opening.

My potatoes are getting huge. There are white potatoes and sweet potatoes growing in this pot. The long pointy leaves are the sweet potato.

You can’t even see my little orange tree in the middle of this photo, dwarfed by zucchini, tomatoes and a tall lettuce spire. The empty bed bottom right is my third failed attempt at carrots.

What happened to this new bean plant? Not enough water? Too much?

The new sweet peas are looking healthy and growing fast.

As is the new zucchini planted on Memorial Day.

My second round of sunflowers exploded since Sunday. This is the plant I was staking in the current “Sunny Sunflowers” episode of “Late Bloomer.”

The amaranth is finally taking off after a rough start. It’s only got about six feet to go.

Some of the radishes are looking like all the energy is going into the leaves and the vegetable looks like this.

I guess this cucumber is going to fill out at the end? Or since the end is yellow, maybe I should cut it now.

This new cucumber plant is looking pretty good.

And this may be the last yellow zucchini. I’m thinking about yanking out the plant to give the cherry tomato a chance. I thought it had powdery mildew all this time, but, it may have been white spotty mold. Since I’ve chopped off so many leaves, it’s hardly producing, so I think it will have to go.

I learned so much on my trip to Woodside, CA. I met a number of master gardeners and I am eager to act on and share their advice. Thanks for reading! – Kaye