I made a return trip up to One Gun Ranch (see Episode 6 of “Late Bloomer”) this week to get a better look at the making of biodynamic compost. Ranch manager, Balta, had his sons hard at work with him.

I saw Farmer Jack there guiding Balta on preparing the compost. He explained it’s layers of hay, compost, bacteria, manure, alfalfa, and that rests for a time, then it is turned till it breaks down.

One Gun grows it’s own alfalfa. Balta’s young sons are learning to cut it.

The alfalfa they are growing at One Gun Ranch is like “gold,” Jack said.

Vet bills have plummeted since the ranch animals have been eating it.

Balta works outside the fence to gather alfalfa that has escaped the pasture and his older son works inside.

I feel very fortunate to visit. And the view isn’t bad either.
Thanks for reading! – Kaye