About this time every year, I start glancing out the upstairs bathroom window to see if the plums on the plum tree are getting ripe.

When Mr. Gerber’s little one-story house was next door, our plum tree, just our side of the property line, spread way over his picket fence and bore a hundred or more plums a year. When they tore the house down in 2005, and put up the big two-story house next door, I begged the contractor to cut a notch of the 7′ fence to accommodate the tree, but he refused. Several limbs had to go, but, squeezed between the two houses (there is 10′ feet from wall to wall), the tree is a survivor and struggles high to reach the light.

It doesn’t bear much fruit now, so I want to make sure I don’t lose any. Today I saw a few, so I thought I better get those down before they fall. Once they drop 10′-15′ and hit the gravel below, they are bug-free for about ten seconds. I went out to get the fruit picker, but, I guess we got a new one last year and I had to put it together. Next, I removed the window screen, and tried to reach the ripe ones on top, but it was the wrong angle.

I had to finish the job from ground level.

This, minus about five that fell on their side of the fence, was the total take. So lovely!

There’s maybe that many more unripe ones left on the tree. I’ll leave these on the counter for a couple of days to soften up.

Then, we’ll savor them. Now that I am a gardener, I will attempt to prune the tree correctly and give it some nutrition for a bountiful harvest next year. Thanks for reading! – Kaye