Once you join the gardening life, it’s a whole new world that opens up to you. Neighbors walking by might never have stopped to say hello, but, an edible garden in your front yard is like a magnet. Yesterday, Nancy, just such a neighbor, who lives about five blocks from me, gave me two of her seedlings of Japanese melons (we don’t know which is which).

She also offered her seed packets for me to plant a few seeds, which, she says, are not easy to find. (See the address on the packet!)

Such a generous gesture, but the kind of thing that happens all the time in the gardening world. I had been reading another gardening blog (sorry, I’m following so many, I forgot which one!) recently about Borage, and it sounded so cool, I just went a little crazy and ordered seeds online and my shipment came today.

I saw this idea on another site, reusing TP rolls (mine are already recycled cardboard from Seventh Generation) for seed starters.

But, since it’s already June 8, and all the herb packets say seeds can be direct sown at this point, I think I will throw them in the ground. Or, am I better off to start in these?

The big problem though, is, my urban garden is FULL. I saw this great post on another blog (you know who you are!) about reusing old file cabinet drawers with holes drilled in them to plant in and I may try something like that along the driveway, cause there’s entirely TOO much concrete there. Oh, I want to rip out my driveway so badly and and put in a narrow drive of permeable pavers, and reclaim some topsoil, but that costs a bundle. I’ll have to be patient. Thanks for reading! – Kaye