Lovely, tender buckwheat blooms! When I sprinkled a packet of buckwheat seeds onto my 6.5’x14′ flower island a month ago,

I had there a transplanted Iceberg Rose,

a purple daisy and 2 Mexican Feather Grass,

Cosmos planted from seed in January springing up,

and one dill plant emerging, which is now 5′ tall!

Now, my buckwheat is mature and mixed into all of that, and so pretty, but it’s life cycle is short. Just like the packet said, buckwheat germinates and grows fast and within a month, is ready to turn over into green manure to enrich the soil.

It’s just now that I have all these other pretty flowers growing, I’m not quite sure how to “turn it over” and not disrupt everything else. And I have 6 shoots of Amaranth coming up on this back end, which is hidden in the buckwheat.

Since I had a beautiful Princess Flower tree in this section of my parkway, and didn’t think there would be enough sun for vegetables under it, I surrounded my Princess with flowers.

Just after I had taken these photos, and sprayed the emerging sunflowers on the opposite parkway with Captain Jack’s (I’m determined not to lose all the leaves to pests this time), and babied the new 1″ shoots right next to the driveway, I went in to wash my hands and was inside for no more than two minutes. I went back out, and a driver had attempted to use my driveway to turn around, and had plowed into the wire wicket fence, mangled it and knocked the bamboo stakes and the very shoots I was watering and tending to from the ground! One of the hazards of curbside gardening! I put them back in, but who knows if they’ll take. When you grow something from seed, and get so excited to see it pop up from the earth, you don’t want anything to happen to it. Thanks for reading! – Kaye