Something’s eating my tender Amaranth shoots.

I confess I planted Amaranth because the description on the seed packet sounded so enticing. “Elegant burgundy plumes add rich color to the back of a border. Striking maroon leaves in fall. Blooms summer to fall, 5′-8′ tall.” Well I’m off to a slow start. About half my shoots have the leaves chewed off.

And I have yet to catch any critters feasting on them. They took weeks to germinate. I guess the soil wasn’t warm enough. A few have escaped being eaten.

Fingers crossed I get that burgundy border! There is really no back to my garden so I planted them along the driveway. If they make it, I could harvest “beige seeds very high in protein and other nutrients that cook like rice or pop like popcorn, or pick the leaves when very young for salad or steaming.” I’m afraid I’m not going to have enough young leaves to sacrifice in a salad. I’m hoping for that burgundy plume. Thanks for reading! – Kaye