Yesterday, I discovered I had grown potatoes for the first time in my life! When I noticed some of the potato shoots looking droopy, I thought I would dig down and investigate.

In the episode “Rainy Day” I had planted 6 small potatoes in a pot, 3 purple, 2 golden and 1 red. I kept digging and found some more.

It was very exciting! I didn’t want to disturb the roots too much as I ran across a couple of little babies, so I stopped with this batch.

Potatoes in a pot has been the easiest thing I have tried to grow. I’m going to keep planting them! Tonight we’ll have new potatoes with cabbage slaw made from my only green cabbage. I harvested it last night after I discovered three cabbage worms on it.

I didn’t want them eating it before I could. Thanks for reading! – Kaye