You never know what you are going to find when you go out and inspect your garden in the morning.  You have to be vigilant when growing cauliflower and cabbage, as there’s a ton of critters that enjoy feasting on them.  Today, I was met with these on one of my 8 plants.  I picked them off and squished them.  I suppose they could be aphid larvae.  Anyone know?

They leave a little stain around where they are and they don’t move very fast.

While I was attempting to photograph very tiny white bugs, my trusty helper Brooke (she will appear in several “Late Bloomer” episodes!) dropped over wanting to help.  I set her to watering.

Then, I noticed my first fully opened zucchini blossom on my green zucchini plant, and she held the leaves back, while I grabbed this shot.

I have two zucchini plants in the raised bed, one green and one yellow.  The yellow zucchini plant, right beside the green, has a mold problem, and there’s been no mold on the green plant.  I trimmed off a lot of the leaves and sprayed with Neem Oil a week ago, but there’s still spotty white mold coming up, at least I think that’s what it is.  This foggy June gloom doesn’t help.

Hope you have a wonderful Earth Day, and get out and enjoy Mother Nature!  Thanks for reading! – Kaye