Welcome to the Late Bloomer Show blog!  The blog and web series are about gardening.  “Late Bloomer,” the web series, will premiere this Sunday, Earth Day!

I didn’t fall in love with gardening – specifically growing food to eat – until last fall.  I’m Kaye, and I’m a late bloomer.  In fact, that’s how I open every episode of my web series “Late Bloomer.”  Please tune in to the blog and the web series, where I seek to entertain, enlighten, and educate, about growing your own organic food, through the lens of a late bloomer – a complete novice – me!

We live in Los Angeles County, and after our parkway tree died last August, I got in touch with my soil.  I met a biodynamic farmer, Jack McAndrew (you will be seeing him in an episode of Late Bloomer), who convinced me I needed to be growing my own food, and that grass and bushes were a waste of resources, so I ripped them out and set off on a course that has changed my life…for the better!  “Late Bloomer” chronicles my experiences of learning to garden (farming on a small scale, ha!), which has enriched my life (and my soil!) immeasurably and I wanted to share that with as many people as I can.

I have the most amazingly talented contributors working on Late Bloomer.  Check Late Bloomer Team above for names, bios and contact information.

Please tune in and subscribe to the blog, latebloomershow, and the web series, “Late Bloomer.”  Let the blooming begin!