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Tribute to an allotment and a father’s love. Please read and share. From my friend and wonderful writer, Dallas.

Crazy Train To Tinky Town

My Dad’s allotment has been part of our family folklore for as long as I can remember, inherited from my Grandad who had also lovingly tended the plot for his entire lifetime. My Dad would become so immersed in his labour of love that he’d frequently forget the time so as a youngster I used to cycle at breakneck speed down the lane at the back of our house to drop off a packed lunch for my Dad or remind him that it was time for tea. I’d done the journey so many times that I knew every single bump in the road and even now the scent of wild garlic transports me back to those hedgerows covered in Bluebells and Queen Anne’s Lace. Apart from the time I misjudged a pot-hole, tumbled across the handlebars and ended up in casualty; I still have a slight scar across my eyebrow…

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Accelerated forestry, brilliant! blog.ted.com: Shubhendu Sharma reforesting the world, one patch at a time. http://wp.me/p10512-nnz

Late Bloomer Show has moved! It is no longer hosted by WordPress. Late Bloomer Show is now a full-service website, and I invite you all to come, visit, look around and download my FREE e-book, “10 Steps to a Great First Garden!”

Kaye's Late Bloomer E-Book

Kaye’s new e-book, “10 Steps to a Great First Garden” FREE at http://latebloomershow.com/

18 pages of my colorful photos of veggies and critters, links, resources, and LBL’s, aka Late Bloomer Lessons, “10 Steps to a Great First Garden” is everything I’ve learned about growing food in my first year of gardening, distilled into one convenient downloadable PDF. All I need is your name and email address! Get it now!

I’ve been so busy since January with Season 2 of my web show “Late Bloomer” as well as writing this e-book, creating a new website, not to mention finishing up my winter garden and planting my summer garden, that it did not hit me till just now when I got a new follower on my old blog, that my old blog was even still out there, and more importantly, that my old followers have not found their way to my new site! Have no fear, every one of my original blog posts made the trip to the new website, and now all my “Late Bloomer” episodes are right there on my new site, as well!

Late Bloomer Show is now on Pinterest, Google+ and I’m having daily fun with Instagram. If all that wasn’t enough to keep me busy, Late Bloomer had it’s one-year anniversary last Monday, April 22, Earth Day! I celebrated by uploading my 25th episode of Late Bloomer! “Late Bloomer at Tomatomania!”

I welcome you to look around the new site. Please send me your feedback. Let me know you are still there! There are lots of exciting things to share with all of you. “Late Bloomer” will be hitting the road and filming episodes in Middle Tennessee next month! To receive my blogs and web show updates now, just fill in your name and email address at Late Bloomer Show and download my free e-book! Constructive comments are always welcome, and remember, it’s never too late to start growing vegetables!

One Mo’ Time! I won’t be posting to this blog anymore. All articles will be at http://latebloomershow.com/ Visit, sign up. I hope to see you there! And happy gardening! – Kaye

Milkwood Permaculture is my hands-down-in-the-dirt favorite blog. Not just because of the regularity of posts, gorgeous photos, enthusiastic writing, but because they are LIVING it. Way down under! “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

Looking for a new experience? Owning a small vineyard with a custom home to live in? Please share. There is the perfect person/family out there looking for an opportunity like this, and if you help them connect with Hilary, there is a $1000 finder’s fee! – Kaye

Mighty Nimble


Dear Friends and Family,

This is a bittersweet letter to write, but life is all about change, and after my childhood as an “Army Brat” I have learned not to be afraid of change.

After a lot of thought and consideration, Simon and I have decided to pursue purchasing a larger property here in the Central Coast area.  Last week we made an offer on a property that we have had our eye on for over a year.  We found out yesterday that our offer was accepted, which is very exciting news.

The bittersweet part is that we will need to sell our Ohana Vineyard property in order to purchase the larger parcel.  Simon and I purchased Ohana as ten acres of bare ground in 1999 with the help of my Mom and Dad, Karen and Bob Shirey (the down payment was our wedding gift from my parents).  We planted…

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Cold, wet days drive Kaye inside. Good thing the garden is planted. But, you have to venture out once in a while to thin seedlings, deal with pests and encounter wildlife. Check out Season 2, Episode 2 of “Late Bloomer,” “Maintaining the Winter Garden.”

Please Like and Share and Comment! Thank you! – Kaye

I was born on Valentine’s Day during one of the biggest snowstorms in Tennessee history, according to my mother. My parents couldn’t agree whether I was born in the morning or at night. Back then, they put the expectant mothers to sleep for the delivery, so the confusion is understandable.

Heart-shaped Cyclamen Leaf

From Nature with Love, Heart-shaped Cyclamen Leaf

Valentine’s Day has always been a special day for me, because it’s easy for friends and family to remember your birthday! (One of the great things about Facebook, the happy birthday wishes are pouring in!) The downside is you don’t get a separate special day of gifts of chocolate and flowers. It all comes on one day.

I haven’t had much time for blogging of late, but I will be getting back to regular posts soon. My focus has been to set up a custom blog which will allow for advertising, and will feature the Late Bloomer Show videos. That is not possible with this theme, so I am working on a new one, and also an e-book, “Late Bloomer’s Ten Steps to a Great First Garden,” which has been a lot of fun!

Season 1 of “Late Bloomer” finished up with corn, tomatoes and watermelon, episodes 18, 19, and 20, my three favorite things to eat being from the South, and Season 2 is off to a great start covering my winter garden. I have added a wonderful composer, Jon Pileggi, to my creative team. This is the first time I will have music scored to picture, which is VERY exciting! I will be able to look forward to original music composed for each episode. Please check out the music he created for Planting the Winter Garden.

I am thrilled that my original creative team, Megan, Mika and Chriss, are still with me and our relationship is fantastic! We work remotely, over the internet, and have only been together twice. Here we are last week at a screening of a short film I have the lead in, “A Final Gift.”

There will be episodes about my Monarch experience coming, as well as interviews with other people growing urban gardens. I hope you will follow and subscribe to “Late Bloomer,” and help it grow. It’s never too late to learn to grow vegetables! I am living proof!

And if you are on Facebook, Late Bloomer Show is a very active and interactive page. Please Like and add to your special interests and share YOUR garden news and photos there. I want to build a community of late bloomers growing their own food! Late Bloomer Show is also on Instagram! For nature garden lovers, this is so much fun! Please check it out and share!

Heart-shaped Cup Fungi

Heart-shaped Cup Fungi – Share the Love

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 🙂 – Kaye

As requested, I am posting my recipe for the green vegetable juice I have made almost every week since 2000. I just call it “green juice.” This is an alkaline drink which our bodies desperately need, because, I understand, an overly acidic body leads to disease. Meat, dairy and many other foods are acid, which is why it’s so important to alkalinize.

Green Vegetable Juice

Late Bloomer Green Juice

(I use percentages instead of measurements, because I have no idea if you might be making a glass to knock down immediately, or a gallon to put in the frig.)

Late Bloomer Green Juice

– Ingredients, All Organic* –

50% Celery (Rich in natural Sodium – Read about the powers of celery juice)

25% Zucchini (Loaded with Potassium)

20% Carrots (Loaded with Vit A and Beta-Carotene)

5% Parsley (High in essential Vitamin K)

1 Heaping TBL of Raw, Unheated Honey Per Quart (here’s a great honey)

You may also add other fresh leafy greens of your choice, such as spinach, kale and chard.

– Instructions –

Preferably with a twin gear juicer, which crushes rather than scrapes vegetables, juice the desired amount of juice. Put small amount of juice in blender and blend the total amount of honey into the juice. Add the sweetened juice back to the whole amount and stir well. Distribute evenly between jars or glasses. If you are storing juice to drink later, fill juice to the very top and seal with tight seal lids, keeping the very minimum amount of air in the jar. Must be used within 3-4 days. When juice loses it’s bright green color, it’s lost its primary health benefit (and doesn’t taste as good). Clean-up of the machine is a bit of a chore, so I like to make enough juice to last for 3-4 days. If you are out of honey, don’t let that stop you from juicing! It is drinkable, but, quite, shall we say, stout! You can substitute a ripe organic apple per quart!

*Organic produce is grown in mineral rich soil without pesticides. Here is EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce. If you are making the effort to juice, make it organic!

What are you juicing? Thanks for stopping by! And if you haven’t already, and are on Facebook, please Like https://www.facebook.com/LateBloomerShow and add to your special interests, so you don’t miss out on interesting articles and photos from gardens around the world! Happy Juicing! 🙂 – Kaye

Please watch and share Season 2, Episode 1 of “Late Bloomer,” “Planting the Winter Garden.” Featuring the original guitar composition of “Late Bloomer’s” new composer, guitar man Jon Pileggi. I’m very excited to add Jon to our lean and creative Late Bloomer team!

I’ve been busy planting a garden, making Late Bloomer episodes, creating an e-book “The Late Bloomer Show’s 10 Steps for a Great, First Garden,” redoing my website, and dealing with my sprained ankle and all the other stuff of life. Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately, but I will get back to it very soon! Are you able to grow food in the winter? Thanks for stopping by! – Kaye

P.S. Did you watch the Super Bowl? My American Airlines commercial ran during the game. I play a waitress. I’d love to know if you see it. Thanks!

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